Saturday, 6 June 2015

Eric Carle Art Club Part 2

As promised, I am posting about the blossoms we added to our trees this week.

I bought a box of pre-cut squares of tissue paper that comes in assorted colours. Students decided on a blossom colour first, then we selected 3 sheets of tissue paper in the colours that would work for their preference.
For pink we used white, light pink and dark pink, for orange we used white, yellow and orange, for red we used yellow, orange and red.

Lay the coloured squares on top of each other with the darkest value on top and the lightest at the bottom (sorry about the white square in the top image being almost invisible - it is there :). Glue them together in the CENTRE ONLY with a glue stick. Cut a disc from black paper and glue that in the centre, on top.

Now cut a wavey edge around the perimeter through all 3 layers together.

Run the glue stick over the black disc in the centre and working around the edges, pinch the tissue paper up toward the centre. Now simply (and gently) arrange the petals as you like before glueing the blossom to your tree. Use wet glue for this last bit.

It took all this session for these Y2 students to master the process so most only got 1-2 blossoms made. We'll do the rest next time and then I'll post finished images of their birds for you.

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