Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Teacher Appraisal #1

Hello friends,

I am just making a start on my Teacher Appraisal Blog...and my first response is Uurgh! Did any of you feel the same?
It seems such a huge mountain to climb - at first glance. I have waded through all the criteria and  know I am meeting these already.
I think its the thought of the hours and hours of recording and reflecting  - in order to provide evidence that makes sense to another - that makes my brain tired, just thinking about it.

would love to credit this image but cannot find the source - great visual though

Even more challenging is the fact that I changed my role and my school last year, so it feel like I'm needing to prove myself all over again.

I have spent the last few weeks asking teaching friends about their experiences with this requirement and the expectation that their schools have.

Here are a few bits of advice I can pass on at this point:

1. Ask - ask questions, ask for advice, ask about problems that people may have encountered, ask what they would do differently if they could wind back time, ask about what works well.

2. Use a vehicle you already know and can quickly update from mobile, tablet, computer or web hosts like Youtube (I opened a new blog)
3. If possible, do this in your personal capacity (my blog is attached to my personal profile - NOT the school one) you never know when you might move schools and certainly don't wish to remake all this work.

4. If your school has a preferred or in-house system, check how your account can be transferred into your personal name should you move in the future, or open a matching personal account to draft and create in, then just copy and paste into the school one.

5. Make it private. You can always share it with others when required and then unshare again. You could be loading evidence that may be deemed private or sensitive and not for the eyes of anyone beyond your school. In fact think carefully about how specific you are with this. Do you really need to name students/parents/staff etc? or can you write about the issues, events or actions without direct references to individuals? Same thing with images - can these be cropped in such a way that individuals are not easily identified?

5. Layout - give this some thought before you start. How can you easily find entries, criteria, entries that relate to specific criteria etc.

Okay I guess I'd better make a start with gathering and posting on my appraisal blog. Will update here once I have set up my layout. 
Enjoy your last few days everyone, before the wheel starts spinning again :)

With love, as always

Thank you for visiting,

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