Thursday, 16 July 2015

Teacher Appraisal Blog #3 - Headers and Gadgets

 Hello friends,

As promised, today's post will be about something pretty - the visual look of your blog. This needs to be designed in the template and layout sections of your set-up menu. Today we'll put in the Header and Pages bar, and start on the side bar.

Scroll down to template to play around with some options. Once you are happy with a preview, select and save it, then move onto layout.

Edit the Header - click on the blue Edit link


This new window will pop up.

Blog Title - type in the wording that you wish to appear on your header.
Blog description - I left this blank but its a good idea to fill out on a public blog to tell visitors what your blog is about. You could maybe add your current favourite quote here  :) Something to keep you motivated in the wee' hours.
Image - upload an image that you would like to see at the top of your blog. For an appraisal one, perhaps choose a photo of something that you are/were involved with or a contribution you made/make to your school. Even something that typifies who you are. I chose an image of the art mural that our teachers created for our school art show last year, during a staff workshop that I lead. I did re-jig it a little using the  'shake ur life' app on the iPad.
Select the placement radio-button of your preference.


Back in Layout, find the Cross-Column and click Add a Gadget
Again a new window will pop up, locate Page Header and click the blue plus sign to add to your blog. Locate just beneath your header.
Now pop down to the sidebar in the layout and click - Add a Gadget.
The following additions are useful:
Search this Blog - you remember writing a post ut not sure when and now need to search for it
Blog Archives  - orders all your posts in date order
Labels - word cloud of your labels. The more posts that you tag with a label, the larger that label becomes. That way you can see at a glance the areas you still need to do some work on
Arrange in an order that suits you, by drag and dropping.


I also added an HTML gadget which you can use to embed any code you like. I embedded the Vidster code which helps to show learning videos I make from my youtube channel. There is a you tube gadget but I found it was pulling other videos as well as my channel - not sure why so went with this route instead.
And the Image gadget to insert my photo.

Here are some front end screenshots:

This is what Vidster looks like with the HTML gadget

This is what blog archives and labels word cloud look like - scroll down on this blog to see how these develop, the more you add. Also note how you can change their titles too.

This is what the search gadget and photo gadget look like


Phew - turned out even more technical than yesterday, I think. Sorry guys :)

Just take it one element at a time. As long as its private - only you will know the mistakes you make and learn from.

Next time, add pages and how you might use them.

With love, as always

Thank you for visiting,

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