Friday, 17 July 2015

Teacher Appraisal Blog #4 - adding pages

Hello friends,

Today we'll look at adding pages to your blog.

The Why:

For me, I wanted some static pages where I could copy and paste the Criteria and Indicators for quick reference - all right there in one place.
My school has re-classified the 2 over-arching Criteria into 5 areas as you can see from the screen-shot below:

And within that, we have 3 tiers - Competent, Accomplished and Expert. I created 1 page for each of these areas and pasted in all the indicators - bolding key words in each for quick reference.

I then also added a 6th page to include the Teacher's Council version and labeled it Practising Teacher Criteria.

If your school is using those as they are - I would advice setting up 2 pages as follows



Shorten these titles for the button to something that makes sense to you. The full version can be at the top of the page itself. Copy and paste the indicators in from the Teacher's Council website here:

...and now The How:

In the 'back-end' select 'Pages' from the left menu and click - NEW PAGE
  STEP 2
Type in the title for the page and paste in content if you wish (you can do that later too) - click PUBLISH and repeat for more pages.

  STEP 3
To make these new pages visible, go back down to layout and edit the Cross-Column gadget we added in the previous post - called Pages
This page will pop up and this time there will be a list of the pages you have just made. Tick all the pages in the left column - you can see I just added the PTC page and it needs to be ticked). The list Order can also be dragged and dropped in the order you prefer it to appear.

Once ticked and ordered - SAVE

I hope today's post has been useful and you can successfully insert pages into your blog. Write your posts on your home page as this is your dynamic page and will reflect in your archive and on your word cloud. The other pages are static.

Comment below if you have further questions for me or our community, or some advice you are happy to share.

Next time I'll post about why you should use labels and how to label your posts for easy finding / organising. Happy blogging everyone :)

With love, as always

Thank you for visiting,

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