Friday, 17 July 2015

Teacher Appraisal Blog #5 - using labels

Hello friends

So I have posted a couple of pieces of evidence so far and have started building my archive and word clouds.

As you can see, I also personalised the titles of these 2 gadgets, which you can do back in layout by editing the respective gadgets. The Archive list (which I have re-labelled as My Reflection Journey) is starting to grow and the labels word cloud (which I have re-labelled RTC Criteria) is keeping track of the number of posts I have tagged to each label.

So...what are labels and why use them?

When you go to post an entry of evidence, you have the option to categorise that post by way of labels. The tricky bit is to come up with a labelling system before you start (or soon thereafter) that will make sense to you.

The great thing about a clear system is that as your number of posts grows, your word cloud keeps track of how many posts you have made against each category/criteria, or for that matter - how few.

I ended up going with a double layered system as follows:
Because my school has re-formatted the RTCs, I needed to use the school labelling system. For example, this post about data gathering relates to  the following categories -

So I copied these criteria across from the relevant static Pages on my blog and pasted them in at the top of my post so that it is clear for perpetuity, which criteria the following post is about. Thankfully the relevant  RTC numbers are also included at the end of each criteria. In my word cloud, I am looking to track just the main category and the competency level that the post is aimed at, and I copy and paste this into the labels space to the Right of the post (see image below).

In keeping with the National RTCs, I paste in the relevant RTC number as well. You will need to choose what works best for you.

Next time, I'll look at how to make a start on your post entries. Hope your blog is coming along nicely  :) Leave a comment below if you have any questions about labels, or anything else I have covered so far.

With love, as always

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