Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Little Hoot for Child Cancer Foundation Part 1

He Ruru Aniwaniwa (the Rainbow Owl)
Earlier this year our school sadly lost a wonderful young man to cancer so this year the Little Hoot fund-raising drive is especially pertinent for us.
The school purchased our Little Hoot ages ago. He finally arrived at the end of T3 and sat in my classroom doorway, ruffling its feathers, waiting for its coat of many colours.


This term is crazy busy and I genuinely despair at how we were going to accomplish an exhibition worthy piece in 6 weeks particularly as I am currently working with little Y1 and 2 students in Visual Art Specialist time.
Our wonderful Y5 team came to the rescue - allowing me to steal students in small batches from each class. We sneakily wove it onto their inquiry unit about How We Express Ourselves and the students have risen to the challenge.

Their first designs were on a paper stencil supplied by CCF. After a quick meeting and brief discussion, students started their designs and completed them for homework. 2 days later we reviewed their ideas and selected elements  from everyone's plans to incorporate

The main themes coming through were to create an uplifting design that made people smile.

They based their designs on the rainbow because for them the colours each represent an idea, like red for love, orange for joy, yellow for caring, green for healing, blue for hope, indigo for peace and violet for courage. The cluster of hearts and vines on the front show all the people that gather to help a child. Traditional patterns (still to be added) identify with their New Zealand heritage and stars (also still to come) symbolise the value of perseverance.

It sure is an interesting experience and one where I have had to be 100 % hands off, as I am in the middle of post graduate study where student / young artist agency is my research focus. Great timing hey?

However the collaborative conversation and problem solving that I am privy to as I pretend to be 'tidying up' my classroom or cleaning brushes for them, is incredible. They are growing so much!!

Here are a few progress pics so far...

They are away at camp next week so we only have a week left to complete. Living on a prayer here!!


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