Thursday, 2 November 2017

Post-graduate study with Mind Lab

Hello friends,

This has been a quiet year for blogging reflections because I have not only renovated my house from top to bottom but also signed up for post-graduate study with Mind Lab - nutty as a squirrel, some might say :)

The Mind Lab explains the course on their website as follows:

Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Practice (Digital & Collaborative Learning)
This is a Level 8, 60 credit programme that consists of the following four integrated course components, each worth 15 credits

1.Digital and Collaborative Learning in Context – 15 credits
2.Leadership in Digital and Collaborative Learning – 15 credits
3.Research and Community Informed Practice – 15 credits
4.Applied Practice in Context – 15 credits
For further details you can check out their website at
I have just completed the first 16 weeks of face-to-face workshops and about to start the next 16 weeks which is taken on-line.

The first section included 4 assignment submissions and I will be posting those up as I reflect on my learning.

Hope you find some of these ideas useful or even challenging. Would love to hear about your perspective, thoughts or questions too so feel free to comment below.

With love as always

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  1. Hi Timea
    How cool! I have been using your art education as inspiration for quite a few years now, and I'm 5 days away from submitting my final Mindlab assessment after starting in March this year. Lots of critiquing and reflecting happening in the final 2 months. I hope you find it rewarding and all the best for the second semester of work. Amy

  2. Awesome to hear that you are nearly done...Super achievement so well done Amy Johnston! Yes it is rewarding and so improves your practise too! I'm just about to hand in my 2nd leadership paper - phew!
    And thank you for your kind comments about the art too, glad to help :)