Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Update on Little Hoot

Update on Little Hoot - He Ruru Aniwaniwa

Well, my prayers have been answered. My beautiful Y5 students returned from camp, full of magic this week and bounced into the room to complete their Little Hoot.
I think you'll agree, they have done an awesome job.

I simply trusted in the process and allowed them to design, collaborate and create it 100% by themselves. Totally scary for something so public and knowing that they will be exhibited beside school submissions where adults have 'tidied up' the student work.
Today we had tours going through the school while the last group was finishing up and they spoke so eloquently about what they were doing...proud mama moment right there! Sniff!

What are your thoughts about adults correcting children's artwork?
Interesting article on Art of Ed that I read earlier this week. Click this link if you're interested https://www.theartofed.com/2017/11/08/november-mark-not-mark-student-art-question/?mc_cid=df9f47d182&mc_eid=b08ab7a7c6

And I love this image too. Have it displayed in my classroom.
Would love to read your thoughts below.

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