Monday, 1 January 2018

Embedding YouTube Videos in Blogs?

How to disable related videos when embedding YouTube videos into your blog.

Hi friends,
Today I started work on my class blog, a place to curate learning objects that I find or make and consider useful tools or exemplars for the students' learning in my programme. This is in response to research I am currently working on for a literature review in my course with Mind Lab.

I started loading some videos from YouTube and noticed that after I played them on the front end of the blog (on visitor mode) the video would end on a selection of unrelated videos from YouTube, even if I am embedding them through the HTML mode. These videos are not always appropriate and not something you want to see on a website that you are creating for your school community, as you have no control over what is advertised next.

So after a quick search, I came across this tutorial that quickly helped me to solve that problem. It may help you too :)

Its 2 years old so the YouTube navigation has changed slightly but the steps are still the same.

 Thank you for visiting,

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