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 Digital Bookmarking

(4 Oct 2012)

My students work on a variety of websites on any given day,  and that is just during their regular Numeracy and Literacy block. On top of that, many sites are located for their inquiry focus as well.
Here are two ways I have used digital bookmarking. 

1. www.wikispaces.com

Each year I set up a class wikispace and that grows through the year with our programme. Homework links are added to the homework pages, inquiry links to the inquiry pages etc. Here are screen shots of the page that I created for the Year 4 group (3 classes), for our current Inquiry - How The World Works (Forces of Nature).

 As you can see, you can even embed video so that they do not need to go to You Tube to watch them. I have a link to the right that will take you to class and year group wikis

2) www.symbaloo.com

The second child-friendly bookmarking site is Symbaloo. Here you can create pages for each category that you want to to save links for. On that page, you create customised buttons for your students to click onto. Here are some screen shots of my student symbaloo, below.
and eLearning, and I have now started a page for their inquiry as well. You can see these page tabs along the top. I have a class username and password for this one that they use to open on each computer in the mornings, and they are away.

I have an account for myself too. This way when my work laptop gets upgraded every 3 years, I don't have to worry about loosing my bookmarks and I can access them from anywhere in the world. Below is a pic of my 'Daily' page. This page is logged into as I get to work and anything I would regularly use each day, is added to this page, e.g. the electronic roll, our class googledocs account where I conference with students over their published work for the current topic, our Weebly account where they are currently publishing their research onto their own websites, etc.

Digital Behaviour Management 2 

(2 Oct 2012)
If you are using Classdojo (see post below), you might like these cute Monster bookmarks with spaces where students can accumulate stickers for their Classdojo rewards. Perhaps 1 sticker for every 5 points? Download for free from Paperzip Resources 



Keeping Track of Students' Passwords

 (2 Oct 2012)
With being a digital class (1:2 computer:student ratio), I find that my students end up with several logins & passwords for the myriad of sites that I  sign them up to. 
At first I would let them write these down or I would hand-write these for them as we signed up to each site. But now many of these sites have become a staple in our programme so they are all up and active from the start of the year.
So a couple of years ago I created a password sheet where all the passwords are recorded in one place. Those that need to be handwritten in, I quickly record (as I found students tended to make small errors copying these out themselves) and then I'll photocopy these to have a second sheet (2 per student). Many sites now have a feature for printing your class passwords too. I print 3 sets of these (1 for me).

My students will receive their 2 My Passwords sheets - 1 will be kept at school (they glue it into the back of their little spelling test notebook as this is small and easy to take to the computer stations), and the other is glued into their homework book to take home. We then cut out and glue the printed passwords into each sheet as well, and label them.

Some of the sites we belong too are:
My students also had school emails and school server passwords to remember. This year I have put their accounts on a class Googledocs account, which also needs passwords.

So as you can see - a bit of organisation was needed. You can get your colour version of My Passwords at my TpT store HERE...

Digital Behaviour Management  

(30 Sept 2012)

I came across a behaviour management post by Tracey on her blog at OUR COOL SCHOOL about keeping it positive Digital Style.

ClassDojo from Kleisnpiration is an on-line behaviour monitoring software and is 100% free.

Visit her blog to see her clearly laid out instructions with screen shots. If you like the look of it, sign up here. It is really simple.

I have downloaded the smartphone app to my iPhone and plan to use it for awarding point etc. Will let you all know how it goes next term.

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