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Times Tables (1 Oct 2012) 

Over the years,  I made a Keynote for each set of times and division tables (in and out of order and with a marking key). The aims were to support the Visual learner (and I read them out as well) and to reducing the amount of photocopying. In my class we make each table a focal point for a week, over the term. We take the quiz on a Monday to see which ones we don't know for that table and still need to learn. Then on Friday we take the quiz again. Students that achieve the table (all answers correct) earn an ice-cream scoop for the wall display.
Our ice-cream scoop times & divide display as a picture graph
Students also post their next steps. These are replaced with scoops as they achieve them.
You can grab the scoops that I use HERE for FREE
You can grab the cones I use HERE for FREE
Students that did not achieve continue to work on that table and will take the quiz independently on a classroom computer when they feel that they are ready.
I have shared the x10 in order (with answer sheet) here as a PDF. All slides are landscape to fit a computer or projector screen. You can download it from my TpT store for free. Enjoy

I just managed to upload the original Keynote version as well. This is fully automated to slide every 5 seconds and has animated answer key and sound effects. You can grab it HERE on TpT

Also uploaded  x10 out of order,  ÷10 in order and  ÷10 out of order. Both PDF and Keynote versions on my TpT store.
PDF's are still FREE. Keynotes have a teensy charge but they are fully automated, with build-ins and sound effects. Both versions have answer keys. Check it out and please rate.

Please comment at the bottom of the page if you like these and want the rest of the set. I have them ready to load.


Measurement Olympics (30 Sept 2012)


I found a great resource to help run a classroom Olympics activity as a motivation for starting your measuring unit. It tied in brilliantly with the Olympics this year too.

The PDF unit is available here from  Aims Education Foundation.

It involved several simple yet CLEVER activities that can be set up as stations in your classroom, e.g straw javelin throw and cotton ball shot put.

I had students rotate in groups of 3 (1 athlete and 2 measure at all times). Each station had measuring equipment laid out. The only one that went outside was the paper plate discuss as the plates flew really well :) Here students got to use the trundle wheel and the builders tape measure.

I did make some adjustments to the activities, e.g. the Teddy bear scales became a bottle neck as it was difficult to get an exact balance and some of my students like to be very precise.

Luckily I added in a lucky draw at the start where each student drew a flag image out of a box. This became the country they represented. They glued this into their maths books and at times when there was a bottle neck at a station, they went on line to research the flag and find out how well that country did in the 2012 Olympics (medal tallies, graphing of results, compare and contrast outcomes - need I go on)

On the whole a highly recommended measuring activity where you can incorporate length, height, capacity and weight.
Here are some slide of the day. Please excuse the chopped off heads etc for privacy.

Clock Face

I found this great resource idea on

through Pinterest for a clock unit.

I modified the black line master by adding in the dividing / cutting lines between the numbers (rotate slightly from true once cut out)
There are 2 discs on the black line master. Write numbers 1-12 on the top one into the spaces. Cut on the lines between the numbers. These will flap up when complete
Write 0/60 - 55 on the second into the spaces.
Overlay the 2 'clocks' and glue together in the middle.
Attach the hands with a split pin through the centre dot.
The idea is for each child to make one of their own.
For a larger photo of the completed one, click through to Zeek's Zoo. For a free copy of the template, click on the image above.

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