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VCOPS Resources

Some of our favourite websites for resourcing VCOPS have been:

Click Here for SparkleBox

Another has been Teacher's Pet but I believe they are no longer free - just following that one up at the moment.

Click Here for Communication 4 all



   Click here for TES




VCOP and S

This year, we explored VCOP  ideas for supporting writing. We were able to gain a lot of ideas and resources from the internet to support this and so far it is proving most successful.
VCOP stands for:
  • Vocabulary
  • Connectors
  • Openers
  • Punctuation
I felt it needed  the importance of spelling accuracy included and so I added the 'S'   and it became known as VCOPS in our planning team. The rest of the school is now starting to experiment with the programme too.

These images are of my team member's wall as I felt her layout is better than mine and I'll follow her model for next year. As you can see we adopted the super hero characters to promote each aspect. They are:
Viola Vocabulary
Captain Connector
The Incredible Opener
Doctor Punctuation

They all come with their own superpowers for healing sentences

Finally I created Spencer the Superspeller with his own unique set of superpowers. He can be downloaded for free at TPT. Click on the link below the image to be taken through.

Download Spencer here for free

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